November 16, 2011–Thank you fo’ bein’a friend!

Many people out there have that friend.  You know, someone you can act, look, and talk crazy with.  For the most part, the rules are off the table.  I have a few friends I can do that with, but one sticks out above er’body else.

(Enters the other side of me. If you don’t understand this, I’m sorry. He know who it’s fo’!)

Dis boy and me have been friends fo’ a long time now.  He from Mobile, Alabama which ain’t far from where I used to stay at.  We met up online befo’ he moved over her.  He is one of da sweetest most caring cold-hearted people I know.  He got my back and I got his.  Hell, we like twins!  His name is Romo and you can find him doin’ dat damn show of his called Podcubs with that white guy, Buhlou.  He some good lookin’!  So go’on now, git over der and see ‘em.

(Breeze blows hair up and ruffles clothes as GayCountryWes comes back to himself)

Oh dear!  That happens to me every now and then.  I might have been raised in the middle of the woods by a bunch of rednecks, but sometimes, my other side comes out.  Both sides are equally smart and handsome with a tough of southern debonair!  So, for real, Romo and I have been friends for a couple of years now and even though we do not get to see each other half as much as I would like, he is still a great friend.  If you have listened to the podcasts, he was, of course, a past full-time host and is now on the show when George has pressing work matters to tend to.  There’s a chemistry between us that works out on the show and while we are in public.  We get looks!  I know, people don’t get it!

When you get a moment, click on the pic above and go look at the website for Podcubs.  There is some sexy man meat over there!  Also, look for them on iTunes and listen for their live show at on Thursday evenings starting at 8:00 pm.

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