November 15, 2011–Lift the veil…and have a good podcast!

For a few weeks, George and I have had to deal with a really crappy sounding podcast.  We were sounding as though we were characters in I, Robot or something.  We were turning into the Nuts, Bolts, and Circuit Breakers podcast!  For the life of me, I could not figure out what was going on.  When someone tells you they are getting a headache from thinking too hard…they probably aren’t lying.  I was getting such bad headaches.

Did you ever think about something so hard, and then when you found the answer, it was something right in front of you, as if a veil was lifted to reveal a not-so-mystery mystery?  Well, that’s exactly what happened.  Wha’ had happened was I was changing a setting in Nicecast that didn’t need to be changed.  DOH!  Nicecast, if you have never seen the program, looks like this, during the crap sounding shows and then how it will be set for good shows in the future:

Nicecast1 Nicecast2

Here’s the issue I figured out, with the help of George and @QSledge on Twitter (from the Brain Hammer and Trick Brain podcasts).  When you are using Skype, you have to tell it where to pull input sound from and where you want output sound to go, as well as what camera you want to capture feed.  When using Nicecast, I was thinking that I needed to change where audio was being input.  When I use other programs, I have to chose the “Line-In” setting.  Hence my issue.  If you are a tech person, you can tell me that I am off in this finding, but I’m standing by it.

Skype requires you to choose your desired microphone.  Nicecast is basically feeding from the application you choose.  When it is set to an audio device, it is thinking, “You are using this mic to broadcast.”  In this case, I was telling Nicecast that I was going to use my soundboard as the mic…after I had already told Skype to use the soundboard (line-in mic) causing there to be a duplication.  Hence the robot sound.  In the second picture, Nicecast will be feeding from whatever settings are chosen for the application…being Skype.  Now, there will not be any duplication.

I know this is just riveting things for you to read and I know you have to go clean your pants from excitement, but I am hoping you get what I explained.  It’s technology and it can be complicated sometimes, but when you play around with it, you can make it do what you want!  And, I did!

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