November 14, 2011–Starting but never finishing


Have you ever started something that you felt very passionate about…you were really interested in it…you would do everything possible to complete it…and unfortunately lose all steam and concentration, ending in the demise of your plans?  I’ve had one or two of these in my lifetime.  One of them I have already talked about, being my dream of learning more Spanish so that I can communicate with more people.  I am a communicator!  I love talking to people.  The other half doesn’t understand my “no one is a stranger belief.”  I was raised to believe that no one is better or higher than me…so there!  They can talk to me.

The reason for the above picture is that I picked up my guitar the other day. (That’s pronounced: git-tar)  Funny thing…one of the guitars we own looks identical to the one in the picture.  We took it to the local music store a while back and had the strings changed by a representative from Stratocaster®.  He tried to tune it but unfortunately, the guitar was built by the other half’s father from a home kit.  He tuned it to the best of his skill, but he said that it would never have the “true” sound of a Stratocaster®.  Oh well, it’s pretty and it reminds me of the guitar on the outside of Rockin’ Rollercoaster at Disney World in Orlando.

The other guitar, mine that is, is a Yamaha acoustic.  I love it and it’s so pretty.  Issue: I can’t play the thing.  I have taken a few classes, but honestly, they were not started at “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”  I was introduced to playing guitar with the Beatles song “You Got To Hide Your Love Away.”  I really wanted to learn it and I did get a couple of notes.  It didn’t take off as I was also introduced to other songs before mastering the first one.

When asked why I started where I did, I was told that I knew some of the most simple and regularly used chords.  I could make a C, D, E, and a few others.  I had no idea about time or switching between chords smoothly.   Another issue, even though it is blown off by some here, was that there were more people living in the house than I felt comfortable playing around.  Not that I was going to sound like shit, but because I felt bad about disturbing them.  One was watching TV and the other was studying for school.  Of course I was going to feel bad for the disturbance.  It would take someone with no conscience to not think that way.

Who knows?  Now that the house is back down to two people…the other half and myself…I may start picking it up more and learning to play.  That can be something on my ever growing list of things I want to do before I die.  Yes, my bucket list.

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