November 12, 2011–Stick A Leg In It!


Many people who know me, whether from the Internet or personally, know I have a thing for underwear.  It’s hard to explain and many just look at me like I’ve lost my mind.  That’s not such a strange thing as people do it a good bit.  In all the confusion in my mind, it’s a constant and will probably never change.  I don’t see the underwear business slowing down anytime in the near future.

Funny thing, underwear, as a whole, does not only pertain to what you wear over your crotch, but it takes in undershirts and socks as well.  Since I despise dressing in layers over my chest and stomach, that leaves my other love…for socks.  From ankle socks to over-the-knee, I have a vast array to choose from when getting dressed.  I have my favorites that get first priority, but I run an “equal-opportunity” sock drawer.  They all get a fair shot at being worn.


As you can probably see, I like stripes.  The ones above are more for soccer, or to the rest of the world, football or fútbol.  The ones to the left are reminiscent of the 70s and 80s.  When I was forced to wear them as a child, I hated them.  I thought they were the worst things ever created.  At the time, everyone was starting to wear ankle socks and I thought they were much cooler.  While wearing shorts, I would push my tube socks down to the tops of my shoes and forget I had them on.  Now, I wear them with pride…under jeans anyway!  If it’s hot enough to wear shorts, it’s too hot to wear something this high up on the legs.

I like to wear more “out there” designs from time to time.  Those are usually dress socks.  I don’t wear them often.  They occupy the same drawer as the underwear not included in everyday wear; i.e. thongs, jocks, and compression shorts.  I like the socks offered at H&M.  They are colorful in orange/gray and in yellow/gray.  They’re great for dressing up and thin for good air flow.  I should put them in my day to day choices, but since I rarely wear dress shoes, they get looked over.  I refuse to wear dress socks with tennis shoes.  I’m not elderly yet.

Bringing this to a close, I love to wear long socks in colder months.  Even though I am “cold-natured”, I don’t really like wearing long underwear.  It goes back to the layers thing.  I have a special pair of those made from t-shirt material because my legs don’t get as cold as other parts of me.  In that case, I like to wear socks that cover the colder parts, as seen in this picture with Under Armour American football socks.  These over-the-knee socks give the perfect amount of coverage and feel cozy in the sometimes blistering cold of North Georgia.

It may seem strange to like underwear so much, but it’s no more strange than some people liking hats, scarves, or shoes.  Some do not wear socks just as some don’t wear boxers or briefs.  If you know of places where I can find interesting socks or more 80s tube socks, send me an email at and let me know.  I’d love to find more color tube socks as those in the above picture are getting pretty worn out!

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  1. Hi Wes,

    I just came across your blog and think it’s interesting. Hope you had a good Christmas. I love the pix you posted of the royal blue Under Armour American football socks. Your other pictures are also very nice and I think you’re very handsome. Your facial hair looks great. One place you can probably find interesting socks is on ebay. Recently,I bought on ebay a pair of new hard to find vintage NFL San Diego Chargers game socks just like their players wore back in the 90’s. These socks have the dark navy blue upper leg part in stretch nylon & lycra spandex and the lower white foot part in acrylic. The leg part also has a small Chargers’ logo on it. I’ve had this thing for all types of socks since my early teens. I love to see HOT football players wearing over the knee game socks nice and tight.I especially like uniforms and socks with lots of navy blue such as the Chargers,Houston Texans,Titans,Rams and Patriots. One big turn on for me are players with short buzz cut haircuts and goatees. So if you’re into different types of socks,Wes,more power to you because there are a lot of us in the world who like the same thing.

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