November 11, 2011–You Wonder If I’ve Gone Mad?


If you have been keeping up with the blog, you have probably seen, and hopefully read, the posts titled Miracle in the Woods…in parts, of course.   As I have said in the past, on here and on the podcast, I love to write.  I have two novels in progress.  Why are they in progress?  Because I have something that hits me like an old station wagon called writer’s block.  YES!  There’s a block!  It’s not a concrete block.  It’s not a Lego™ block either.  No, this is one of those invisible blocks that seems to be sitting in my mental path and I can’t get around it.  It’s a bit tall…I know this as I have tried to climb it!

*** bears standing by, looking serious and sexy, waiting to take me to the loony bin ***

Umm, I’m kinda scared now.  But, you may be asking, “Why, if you can’t finish TWO other works, why are you starting a third?”  Because, I am a writer.  There are stories floating around in my head and instead of losing the thoughts to time and age and regular brain deterioration, I am writing it down on here.  At the same time, I am placing it into a work that I do plan…I say “PLAN”…to finish. 

The scenes are playing like a movie in my brain as I write Miracle in the Woods and it looks amazing.  I can even hear the people talk.

*** handsome bears place cuffs around my wrists and throw me into a white truck.***

You silly bears, always looking after my well being!  But anyway, I can hear them talking and it makes perfect sense.  I can see two women walking down a trail with others, all trying to get to the same destination…a clearing in the woods with something mysterious awaiting them.  I can also see men sitting in a dark room and they’re talking about something important.  The hard part is trying to get that scene onto the screen of my computer and make sense in the process.  Another hard part is getting the maze of the story to, in the end, get the doggy to the bone.

*** bears open the truck door, remove the cuffs, and push me away ***

You bears used to be so much happier and lovable to me.  What happened? Is it because I left LiveJournal?  Oh well, I’ll live.

I hope you are reading and enjoying the blog.  I’ll try to explain more of what’s going on in the story later.  Like a director’s cut!  LMAO!

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