November 10, 2011–Miracle in the Woods, Part 2

The room was darkly lit except for one light shining down in the middle of the room.  A round conference table sat beneath the light, shiny from a fresh coat of varnish.  The air conditioner was on and the room was cold.  Six men sat around the table in business suits and ties, coffee cups and bottle water sitting on the table in front of them accompanied by small, neat stacks of paper.  A presentation of pictures appeared on the wall, the light casting shadows around the room.

“Is this thing that was found made from rock, metal, or some kind of hard wood?”  A man sat up in his chair, propping his elbows on the desk while lacing his fingers together under his chin.

“We don’t know yet.  We’ve sent two agents to the site to get a closer look.  I’m hoping to have much more information by tomorrow.  I haven’t heard anything from them today.”  The voice was coming from a telephone sitting in the middle of the table.

The sound of exhaling filled the room and the tension in the room became thick.  Each man resituated himself in his chair.

The man asking the questions, Carl Bolen, moved a few sheets of paper, looking for a report he was given on his way into the meeting.  “Says here that tons of women have been flocking to the site in droves.  People have been reported from two states away.  What in the world could be causing people to drive that far, only to end up in the woods behind a gas station?  There aren’t any campgrounds near the location and clearly no forest because their ending up in a clearing.  Unless there just happens to be an all female Woodstock taking place, there shouldn’t be anything to it.”

“I feel exactly the same way,sir”, said the voice from the phone.  “We sent two of our best female agents.  Carol is an older lady in her fifties and takes charge of situations.  Mary is in her thirties and stands back in observation until something happens.  Then she’s like a bomb of energy.  I have all faith that they will get some answers to help us out.”

“Do we know anything at this time.  I would hope that whenever someone calls a meeting, at least a reason should be presented.  I feel I’ve taken time to come sit in a room and not learn a damn thing.”  Carl was getting restless.  There was nothing he could do since he couldn’t get any answers.  “I’ve got other business to take care of, so I’m going….”

“Don’t you think that it’s pretty crazy that only women are going to this place?  I mean, even women who are married are showing up there.  We’ve received calls from husbands who’ve come home to no wives, only to find out that their friends’ wives were gone too.”

Carl stood and placed his open palms on the table, accompanied by the rest of the men as they placed all their belongings into their bags.  “I’ll be more concerned about all this when I hear something more than a normal trip to the mall by a couple of women. Until then, you know how to contact me.”

As all the men walked toward the office door, the voice from the phone made a last attempt at keeping the men’s attention.  “Would it make any difference that all these women went back to their husbands and sexually attacked them?  Doesn’t sound like a trip to the mall to me.”

…To be continued.

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