No Thanksgiving Shopping In Nature. Part 2


(continued from last post)

After we left Glen Falls, we continued on GA Hwy 106 into Highlands, NC where we turned left onto US Hwy 64 heading toward Franklin, NC.  Highlands is a nice little town that looked quiet and so wonderfully simple.  I could see myself living there.

The first waterfall we came to was a smaller waterfall as it had not rained much over the past few weeks.  It is beside the highway and allows drivers to drive behind the falling water.  It was nice to see but I knew from years ago, there were other falls in the area that were much more active.


The falls in these photos is called Dry Falls.  I know, not very dry looking, is it?  The view is amazing and, instead of driving behind this one or having to hike down and up a hillside, you walk down a nice concrete walkway with a handrail.  The water mist is do refreshing on your face and I am sure it would be even more welcomed in the heat of the summer.  It wasn’t freezing on Thanksgiving weekend, but it wasn’t one of the hottest days in Georgia when we could use this cooling blessing.DryFalls8

There were plenty of people out and about, taking a look at all the waterfalls in the area.  I guess our idea wasn’t original on that day.  We simply wanted to get out of the house and feel nature.  It definitely paid off.  I could have stayed there all day, watching the calming water falling from high above down into the stream below.  I’m sure if I had stayed in one place too long, I would have gone to sleep and forgot I wasn’t at home.

We left Dry Falls and traveled down this really windy road.  I thought we would see other falls along the way, but the only thing we say was what looked to be a wall of rocks in the stream and the water was flowing over it in a rapid way.  There were people who had stopped to look, but we chose to turn around shortly and go back in the direction of home.


On the way back home, we stopped at a place in Tiger, Georgia called Goats on the Roof.  As you can see by the picture, that is exactly what you will see at this place.  The goats are on the roof of the building and they love it.  They have all the grass they can eat and if you go inside, you can get food to place in a “contraption” built onto a bicycle frame.  You place the container of food into a holder and while sitting on the bike, you peddle to make the holder go up a chain to the top where it empties for the goats’ pleasure.  It was a small bike so it was rather hard for me to peddle.  It’s for the kids!

I found a few things I wanted when I went inside the store and I did get some boiled peanuts.  Next time I go up there, I’ll try the Cajun boiled peanuts.  I’m sure they will start a fire!  They will hold me over till I can tear into the tons of chocolate I can buy at the same place.  It was surely a diabetic’s worst nightmare.

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