New school year, new program

Tuesday marked the first day of my Accounting degree program. I’m truly psyched about this new venture. I am planning to give it as much attention as I possibly can. I want this. I need this in my life. I know I already have a degree, but what good does that do me sitting at home or at a damned monitoring station? It doesn’t do anything for me. And at this present moment in our country’s economic status, it couldn’t be more useless. All the job postings I see online and in the papers are asking for someone with at least 3-5 years experience. These postings are primarily for managerial positions or job foremen. I can’t be that with what training I have. Unless the economy gets a ton better, the drafting career will never be prosperous.

Saying that, I am hoping the accounting will pay off. LOL. I didn’t try to make that sound the way it did, but yes. It should pay off for the effort I expect to place into learning the field. I love math and pretty much anything to do with crunching numbers. And if you know me close enough, you know money can stay in my wallet till it deteriorates. While attending The University of West Alabama, I decided to stay in Livingston over a Christmas holiday with friends instead of going home. I lived the whole month of December with a dollar in my wallet. I won’t say what things I did to continue the life I was accustomed to (living in a bottle of booze and smoking tons of cigarettes), but I made it through. I was happy to know the people I did in those times. If it had not been for one or two people, I would have starved to death over the winter. Waitresses in truck stops can be caring and generous.

I like to say the ability to hold cash in my wallet comes from my grandfather. He always wore overalls and his wallet stayed in the pocket….over his heart. It never left him for a second unless he was changing overalls. He was a wonderful man, but that money he carried meant a lot. My mother was allowed to get money out when it was needed for something. That something had better be something important like cattle feed (when he had cows) or a doctor bill if he was too sick to get the money out himself. I don’t believe I have seen a wallet so thick since his. He wasn’t a wealthy man, but what he had made him richer than any other human on earth. He was the bear on the hill to me. He would work his gardens like no one’s business. He watched over his cattle and mended fences around his property. His wealth was not something an accountant could track. Love can’t truly be debited or credited to a person. Either it is there or it’s not.

Here’s to a new beginning with lots of numbers and detail to accuracy. Wish me luck.

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  1. hey Wes.
    wow; back to Uni hey? congrats.
    I am now only 1 year away from finishing my Law degree. I will be super old then.
    our Semester 2 is about to end, we have exams in 2 weeks. Luckily, we have a proper Uni callendar in Australia, with long summer holidays at end of year; Xmas! 😉 luv it.
    good luck with your studies.
    keep podcasting too!!

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