New look for the winter. Damn cold!

I find it hard to get a good hair cut. You may wonder why when I just get most of it cut off. And you may wonder why I get so much cut off when we are going into winter.

Well, the answer to the second question first. I try to keep my hair short. If it gets too long, it touches my ears and gets into my eyes. I hate that. My name isn’t Ralph and I don’t watch over sheep while perched on a cliff. (For those fans of Warner Brothers cartoons). Also, keeping my hair short allows me to let it grow longer before getting it cut. Saves money.

The first question pertains to ones ability to cut my hair. I can’t just go to anyone. I have found two women who work miracles. The know my head and they know how I like the shortness. And no, it’s not some fru-fru salon. It’s Fantastic Sams. The ladies there are nice and they talk with logic and common sense. If I could find a decent barber where I wouldn’t have to deal with crotchety, bigoted, old men, I would gladly go. I wouldn’t mind getting my beard shaved by a nice bear! That would be quite hot actually!

So winter is upon us and I’m not a happy camper. I won’t be doing any camping while it’s cold. I wouldn’t mind hiking some. Maybe I’ll be able to get my friend to go on a day hike before long. Then I’ll just slide my little hat over my hairless head and trek on.


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