Music is a journey through life

My taste in music couldn’t be any more vast than it has been most of my life.  I will always love rock & pop since it is what I first began listening to.  I can remember listening to the stations out of Mobile and Pensacola with my sister and my cousins.  Remember the song “Take On Me” by A-Ha?  I remember when it began being played on 97.5 WABB.  I can also remember when WBLX in Pensacola played rock music rather than its R&B format of today.  At that time, there was also a station I did not listen to until 6:00 pm.  That station was 95.5 WJDB.  When I heard that station (you couldn’t help bu hear it when you lived only 7 miles from it), my skin cringed as it played the dreadful country music of the 1980s with its sad and wrist-cutting twangs.  After 6 pm, the format changed and it played pop music.  That’s where I first heard the earliest songs from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.  Ahhh, the memories!

As I grew older and went through various stages of life, I realized that there were other things to listen to.  Gospel music became an important part of my life later in high school.  Things from Carmen and Michael W. Smith along with Amy Grant took control of my ear drums.  Those along with Alice Cooper and Metallica raged wars in my head that sometimes I could not stop.  It was an intense time…believe me!  Before leaving for college, my cousin introduced me to Enya.  From that moment on, my love for her voice grew and grew to monumental levels.  Some nights, I could not sleep unless she was singing.  At times, even now, that still holds true.  From that, my interest in music spread like wildfire.  Time periods created no boundaries for my ears.  Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, and Queen filled my music collection and the gospel tapes went to my mother and little brother.

Now that I am in my 30s (not making that sound old), I have an even broader love of music.  As the video above shows, opera has filled a quiet need of mine.  Andrea Bocelli puts chill bumps on every inch of my body.  Pavarotti is another that makes me become a calm, together human being.  By no means the least important, Il Divo is one group that everyone should listen to at least once.  They are such a lovely piece of work.  And they aren’t bad on the eyes either!  Quite a few tasty morsels!

What are your favorite types of music?  If you grew up in the country, were you allowed to listen to what you wanted or were you pretty much limited to what Mom and Dad listened to?  Have you found places in your mind to let knew sounds sink in and soothe the rampant feelings and stresses of everyday life?

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