Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It seems like 2014 recently began, but here we are approaching Christmas and the greeting of 2015. We get a barrage of feelings during this short yet hectic holiday. We are, most importantly, happy that we have made it through another year with ourselves, our other halves, and all our other loved ones. We are excited to see what the following year holds. We anticipate changes in the coming year to balance out the things that didn’t pan out the year before.

Yet, do we think about everyone else who may also be feeling the way we do?

This past Sunday, we celebrated the final Sunday of Advent. Advent is a time of preparation. The word preparation can mean various things to people depending on the context. Within the Christian religion, Advent is a time of preparation of the nativity of Christ the child and also the return of Christ the King. We ready ourselves to observe the birth of Christ in beautiful services with amazing flower and ornamental displays, beautiful music, and warm gatherings to spread love and the ever lasting prayer for peace. At the same time, in the church year, we are approaching the season of Lent and Easter as we look thoroughly through ourselves to find even the smallest pieces of doubt, fear, and guilt and offer those at the feet of Christ and pray that he take them from us in return for his mercy, forgiveness, and God’s grace.

During this Advent and Christmas season, I hope that everyone close to me, and all who read my blog, have dug deep inside themselves. I hope that whatever was found was closely observed and questioned. “Does this need to be held inside any longer or do I need to release it?” I have tried my best to look through myself to see if there are any bits of quilt or bad feelings and I have found a few things that do not make me feel proud. Those will be worked on as the following days, weeks, and months flow by me. It’s the least I can do to better myself.

All that leading up to how much I have enjoyed many moments during 2014. I have met some wonderful people who have helped me find myself. I have wonderful friends who have been allowed into my life even deeper than they were to witness my thoughts and the direction why were going. At the same moment, unfortunately, others that posed negative affects on my life have been pushed farther away. I know that shouldn’t be the case, but I can’t have arms pulling me down at the same time as more loving arms are trying to pull me upward. Just as a sheet of paper, I would be torn apart if I continued to allow the negative to get that strong of a hold on me. Maybe in the future, instead of those arms trying to pull me down, they will try to help push me up or even take my hand and let me pull them up with me.

To all that read The Gay Life of a Country Boy, I wish you the most wonderful blessings and happiness this Christmas season and I hope that New Years will open your locked doors and let your spirit free and experience life as it should be lived. Do good for friends, family, those that aren’t as fortunate as yourself, and then lastly…but definitely not least…do things for yourself that make you feel good and feel lifted. Make a promise to yourself that you will stay positive. Make a promise to yourself that when you see negativity come close, you will walk the other way. We have a life that we can either spend feeling depressed and upset all the time or we can make a change and look for positive influences and positive thoughts and walk above all the darkness.

Much love to you all and I hope I will be around much more in 2015.

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