Mens Underwear: What Style Fits You Best


When selecting your style of underwear, it takes more than the pensive thought of, “Do I want to hang free or feel snug?”  Your selection of underwear defines you, it tells the world you mean business, that you’re carefree or that you value a prominent bulge.  Underwear selection is not something that can just be done on a lazy Sunday… it requires planning, personal assessment, an execution plan and exit strategy.  Buying underwear is like going into war; it’s life or death.  You could come out the victorious winner or the down-trodden loser.  Or well, dead.

OK, clearly, this is all a joke, but your underwear is important.  I would know as I am someone who appreciates looking at men in their underwear and I am never pleased when it’s a hot mess.  It could be the difference between getting some and getting made fun of.  So listen carefully, friends.  Check out these underwear styles and then look deep inside yourself and ask, “What kind of man do I want to be?”

A hot one is the only correct answer!


Nothing screams traditional more than the brief.  You’ve been rocking them since you were 5.  They are comfortable and easy to fall back on.  Briefs offer moderate coverage and excellent support and can be found in just about every color in a box of crayons.  There is an ever increasing number of manufacturers entering into the market of men’s underwear and you can find any design you are desiring from low-rise to full coverage, from flat front to designed pouch, and from see through material to solid coverings.  The choice is definitely yours, but try them all to see how you feel.  You’re only as sexy as you choose to be.


I must say that I hate boxers.  Boxers always remind me of what was underneath my grandfather’s overalls.  Boxers are good for those days when all of your other undergarments are dirty.  These shorts-like underwear are traditionally baggy, provide maximum coverage and breathability, but zero support.  These are good to pair with loose fitting clothing if you want to “hang” or if you’re super carefree and see yourself as being an old man…or this day in age, for some reason, an 18 year old boy.


Take boxers and make them a bit tighter so that they hug your legs.  You now have boxer-briefs.  That’s about it!  Granted, some designers have taken the common boxer-brief and turned it into something that doesn’t just stick to you and ride up your leg as you walk.  Nothing is more of a turn-off to me than seeing a guy stopping in the supermarket and pulling down the legs of his boxer-briefs because they have bunched into his crotch and is starting to irritate.  I have a few pairs of them that I wear if I wear an undershirt and don’t want it bunching inside my briefs.  If you are one that loves boxer-briefs and you feel that they provide excellent support, make your butt stand up higher, and like that they hug your thighs, then by all means, please sport them!  The purpose is to make you feel sexy and, most of all, comfortable.  You can determine your leg coverage by choosing short or long boxer briefs.  If you want to break the conventional mold and find some fun ones, head over to adameve.comwhere you can get camo, striped and mesh options.

Jock straps:

This business up front, party in the back style of underwear is great for the man who knows what he wants.  Commonly assumed to just be a sports accessory, a jock strap is also a very sexy style of undergarment.  The offering of jockstraps is growing by leaps and bounds.  You no longer have to go to a sporting goods store to find one that you may not like once you have it on.  I have my favorites, but I will let you do your own research and pick out the brand and fit that’s perfect for you.  You can choose from a swimmer’s jock with a more narrow waistband or you can choose the traditional strap with the two inch (or more) wide waistband.  Materials used these days also range from silky to the rough feel we’re so used to seeing in the locker room.  This is a great look for someone who likes to keep things breezy in the back, but supported up front.


Bikini styled underwear is more revealing than a brief, of course.  The leg openings are wider and the waistband can be, in many cases, not as wide as those seen on many styles of briefs.  The bikini is the uniform of choice for many body builders and can be found on beaches more frequently in other countries besides the United States where we tend to be more prudent with our beachwear.  Bikinis are a great choice if you like the idea of briefs, but the in-your-face look of jock straps.  Bikinis can offer full butt coverage but can be found with less…not quite a thong.  They tend to have a moderate coverage and support up front.  Do not be afraid to wear these for any occasion as it depends on the man wearing them to decide if they are comfortable or not.  Bikinis can, and do, provide you a sexy option for your junk, as it still leaves some things to the imagination.


Sometimes called a tanga, a g-string tells the world that you came to party.  It also says that even though you aren’t going commando, you don’t like to be entirely covered up.  I like to see many guys in this style of underwear as…..well, there’s very little to take off!  It also allows me to see the full length of the man’s legs with just a tiny bit of material stopping my eyes as they travel up the thighs and onto the torso.  I have honestly worn this style of underwear under any type of clothing from dress pants at work to my jeans when I go out or hang around with friends.  It most definitely can be worn in the bedroom (for a few minutes at least) as a sexy beginning to bedroom activities.  A g-string provides the least amount of coverage possible and depending on the designer, they could offer no support.  Choose wisely on this style until you feel comfortable with yourself.

Now that you know what kind of styles are out there and what they could possibly say about you, there’s two other things you need to keep in mind.

First, let’s talk about manscaping real fast.  Some of you that read my blog have said that you don’t participate in the “I want to look like a 10 year old” trend of shaving in the crotch area.  You don’t have to shave everything, but please trim it…not forgetting  the balls.  Depending on the style of underwear you choose, this could be important.  The most ungodly turnoff is when you see a man wearing what is meant to be sexy underwear and then you notice the Amazon of pubic bush sticking out from around the material.  If you can see hair that should be inside the underwear before it’s taken off, there is a serious issue.  Please, if you don’t shave that stuff, at least trim it down before you try to wear revealing underwear.  As I tend to say, I should not have to go searching for something that should be looking me in the eye.  Oh, trimming also doesn’t mean to create a masterpiece of shapes either.  You are a man, remember?  Just keep it short and attractive.   As a bonus, your junk will look bigger….making everyone a winner!

Secondly, seeing a nice firm rear end is something that we, as gay men, love to see.  It doesn’t have to be hard as a rock and looking like two basketballs underneath your clothing, but having a nice shape is not a sin in the least bit.  There are many things that can be done to help firm the tush up, but it certainly takes the drive and time to accomplish the job.  Everyone enjoys a man with nice butt muscles, but don’t think you have to have them to enjoy the plethora of underwear in existence.  If you do, however, want to dive into getting your derriere into tip-top shape, try doing exercises when you get a free moment.  If you don’t know how to target your sweet behind, check out these exercises and get your butt into gear.

Remember, your underwear is on you.  When you are wearing whatever style you choose, the main point is to be comfortable.  When that is accomplished and you can be relaxed with yourself and others, being sexy will fall into place and be a piece of cake…either sitting on a table or being smeared on you to be licked off!  Go have fun!


  1. Well put together!:) I always think a guy with a great rear should wear trunks. I like trunks cause they’re a shorter version of boxer briefs and they don’t ride up your leg!

  2. Well said my friend. 😉

    While I know that life and death doesn’t hang in the balance – I am always kind of shocked at just how little thought the average guy gives to his underwear. Just like any other garment you put on, I think a guy’s underwear needs thought and attention to style and detail.

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