Make your free gift like the actuall product

Can I just say how funny this offer from looks?  I mean, c’mon!  These key chain briefs would fit a person about as bad as the actual real size briefs.  I can’t imagine how men these days feel at the end of the day after wearing Jockey briefs to work.  I can put a pair on in the morning and try to talk myself into wearing them, but I just can’t do it.  I feel like all my junk is shoved back into me.  A good pair of underwear should NEVER be that tight in the crotch.  They push the Pouch briefs, but in all honesty, anyone with even a hint of size to them would still be uncomfortable.

I have to say this in a somewhat defense of Jockey.  I know a guy from the mountains of Georgia who wears them.  He has found this line (I wish I knew which one it is) that wraps around his package.  I saw him at the campground we have been members of for years.  He was taking a morning walk in his briefs.  I looked up and almost choked on my oatmeal.  He walked up the embankment toward my tent and we started a conversation.  When I saw he was wearing Jockey briefs, the first question that jumped out my mouth was, “Are you not hurting?”  He said no and that this line stretched incredibly well.  I said, “Meh!” because I am a firm believer that to comfortably wear a pair of briefs, you should not have to STRETCH anything.  The 2xist briefs I buy never have to be stretched because they realize a grown man will be wearing their product.  Anyway, like the slut I can be, I had to find out what was inside the briefs.  When he lowered them, the balls that were encased in that pouch took my breath away.  Every stitch in the front of those briefs had to be stretched to its limit.  Big Fatty, the International Internet Celebrity, might need to find a pair of these.  They sat in my palm with overflow.  Yes, the description of bull balls would fit him perfectly.

There are guys who love to wear Jockey underwear and there are those that hate the thought of spending their money on something so restraining.  When I put on a pair, I feel as though I am putting on a pair of these key chain briefs.  I have bought a few pair and have given them away within the same week.  Maybe one day, we will see a pair of Jockey underwear sold in stores that support and handle a good sized man without him crying before the day is over.  Now that I think about it, do they purposefully make them restricting so that they are never used in porn? Hmmm, that’s something I had never thought of before.  Good point!

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