Lunch at the Sugar Hill Diner

At one time, Sugar Hill, GA had a Folks restaurant. I’m sure they did a fair amount of business until the economy went to crap. Shortly after, the doors were closed and the signs removed. To us, nothing was lost.

Within a few months, live started to arise in the parking lot. The lights were cut back on and we saw the creation of The Diner at Sugar Hill. We drive by this place anytime we go toward the mall or head to the interstate heading north. We never stopped to check out the new place because we always had something else to do. Today, Friday, we decided to stop by for lunch.

The atmosphere sure as hell beats Folks. The lighting creates a cozy feel to the place. If it had been nighttime, it would be dim and perfect for dining. The seating is arranged comfortably with adequate spacing. Mirrors on the wall help to make the restaurant not seem so small.

My choice for lunch was fish and chips. The other half chose chicken parmigiana. The food came out in great timing. The waitress was very southern and nice. I loved it. Of course, many of you who may read this live nowhere near this place. But, the occasional person in the area will take a look. If you do, definitely try this place. I would recommend it over many other local restaurants.

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