Looking for a new job!

It’s has definitely come time for me to find a different job. I’m in the last few weeks of my last quarter at GTC. I have the education and have the drive to start a new career in Accounting. I have to find something soon so that I don’t go mad at the present job. One can only handle so much before their brain is fried…and most importantly, their will power is broken. 

I’ve been told of various places where I can send in my resume and I have. I’ve sent in three or four already and was even told by another location that I was going to be given a call for an interview. I never received the call. And it’s one of those situations where you feel you shouldn’t press your luck by checking up on the status of that call. 

What I’m finding online at places like Monster.com and other job hunt sites is that companies are looking for more advanced people. At my stage of training and education, I need something entry level like bookkeeping, accounts payable, or accounts receivable. Most of my on-the-job training has been in accounts receivables. That’s not debt collection. 

I’ve done requisitions for repayment and kept up with their progress. I’ve created invoices and statements for customer billing. I’ve also received payments in Quickbooks for those same customers. I also have Peachtree Accounting Software experience. Now, I need to find a company who is needing an entry level position filled. 

Let’s hope that happens soon. 

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