Literally….Dust In The Wind

I wanted to share this link with all my readers.  I thought it was very interesting and something I had never heard.

The link is a news story from the regional news station back home, WKRG TV5.  It talks about a dust plume that has traveled from the Sahara Desert on the African continent, across the Atlantic Ocean, and is entering the US.  It has affected the air quality in Texas towns.  One of the great benefits of these dust plumes is that it interferes with the formation of tropical storms and hurricanes.  That’s one of the best things I’ve heard.  Anything to reduce the number of storms coming across the Atlantic is a blessing.  The eastern US is battered by tropical storms each year.  It’s time we have something on our side.

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  1. Saying that this is “on our side” is a little short-sighted in my opinion. I agree that tropical storms and hurricanes destroy unimaginable lives and property here in the US but have you considered the consequence that loosing all of that tropical moisture will have in even the short term? The loss or property and livlihood as a result of the worsening drought and destruction of our agricultural infrastructure would truly deserve the term catastrophic.

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