Keeping Up With Auburn This Year


It’s that time of year again when we dig out the hats, jackets, beer cozies, coolers, and whatever else we can find to proudly display the team that gets our allegiance.  Mine, of course, is Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.  The Tigers have been my favorite team all my life.  I remember being given a shirt with the elephant from the University of Alabama on it.  I wore it because the lady that bought it for me was older and I didn’t want to be an ass.  It wasn’t my favorite shirt by far.  I don’t know what happened to that shirt.  Knowing me, I probably got too fat for it and had to either give it away or throw it in the trash.  Either one would have been fine with me.

I hope I get to watch a few games this season.  I wasn’t able to watch that much last year.  I did watch the Auburn / Alabama game to see us get beat.  It wasn’t nice, but hey….Alabama was undefeated and was already heading to the SEC championship game.  And, when they got there, they won that as well.  There wasn’t any surprise to that.  Maybe they will end up there again this season.  Looking at their schedule, they have a pretty easy one that will allow them to slide right on into the SEC Championship slot.  Looking at our schedule, we have Clemson, LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Georgia, and Alabama.  The rest, those that I have even heard of, don’t really matter.  I haven’t the slightest clue, other than having a light game between Georgia and Alabama, why we play Alabama A&M.  It will be a mystery to me forever.

I hope that you will have fun through this season if you get into college football or watching the NFL.  GeorgeInAtlanta is a big Atlanta Falcons fan.  I’ll let him handle the NFL talk for the podcast and I will handle the college talk.  That sounds manageable!

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