Keep on burping, Big Fatty!

Whether it be from eating beans and peas and collards or rather from drinking your favorite beverage, burps are a sound of pressure releasing from the stomach.  This audible sound is looked at differently in various cultures.  I have always been told that in some cultures, the sound of a burp is kinda like a redneck shouting to the cook…”Weeehooo! Damn, those were some good fixin’s, Mama!”  In my neck of the woods, we would just scream the previously mentioned phrase through the house.  That is, because you well know, Mama cooks the best food around.  I would have to say that is very true of my Mama.  She learned to cook at an early age since her Mama obviously didn’t care too much about cooking for her own family.  In her case, to be able to eat meant to cook.

I will never forget a story my Grandmo used to tell us growing up.  The first time my Mama cooked turnip greens fresh from the garden was quite an adventure for the partakers.  It was shortly after my parents were married that my Dad wanted a mess of turnips….like his Mama used to make them.  My Grandmo got my Mama and they went out into the field to gather some of the great looking vegetables.  She gathered a heap of greens and off to the well they went.  With a large metal foot tub available, they raised enough water from the well to cover the greens.  They sloshed those greens around and placed them into a bucket.  After emptying the water from the tub, the greens were once again washed in the tub in some fresh water.  You would think this would have stuck in my Mama’s mind.  No sir!  When my Mama washed the greens for my Daddy’s supper, she washed them ONCE.  Any true southern woman will advise you to wash those things off at least THREE times for thorough cleaning.  My Mama was so happy to have her greens ready for cooking.  She put those things into her pot and started the wilting process.  Good turnips take a while to cook, especially those with bacon thrown in for some extra flavor.

Those turnips were taken out of the pot when done and placed into a serving bowl, because as you may also know, a true southern woman NEVER places her meals onto the table in her cookware.  It is placed into a serving bowl so that if all is not eaten, the bowl can be covered and placed into the fridge.  I digress.  Mama placed those turnips onto the table for them to enjoy.  In Daddy’s words, “I got a spoon full of them turnips and put ’em in my mouth.  I think I sanded all my teeth down.  Those turnips were as full of dirt as they were when they came out of the garden.”  I’m sure he at least thought the gesture was a good one, but those turnips were later chunked into the woods.  Daddy proceeded to go across the road and eat supper at my Grandmo’s house.  After that night, it was a custom to wash the greens the normal three times before placing them into the pot for cooking.

If you wonder what the burping picture and the beginning of this article has to do with turnip greens, well…it has nothing to do with turnips! LMAO! I am the worlds worst about going off onto tangents.  I was listening to the Big Fatty podcast and Terminally Single Tim has placed in a request for Big Fatty to stop announcing what he ate that day to make him burp.  I, for one, am thankful for Big Fatty doing his burp announcements!  Since I have problems with my own digestion, I learn what could give me gas.  OH, BIG FATTY!  You just keep telling everyone what you eat so that I know what not to eat!

Now, you go get you some turnip greens and enjoy burping!

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