It’s The Gym Report 2-5-2013

This past weekend was the Big Game and it was also, sadly, a weekend where thinking about calories flew right out the window.  I didn’t go to the gym Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  I did wake up earlier this morning so that I could get to work early and go run during my lunch hour.  After not going to the gym for a while, I was still able to run 2 miles while doing a 10-min mile.  I felt great afterward!  The only thing I could think about after getting off the treadmill was getting in the shower.  I felt terribly dirty and sweaty.  My shirt was sticking to me because of all the sweat.  I guess when I exert myself like that, I can actually sweat on my own without the help of a sauna.

I will have to get back on my weight lifting regimen.  I haven’t lifted the past few times I have ventured into the gym.  I am really waiting to get that started when I go to the doctor next Friday.  I have to get a physical and ask some questions about my body that I have noticed over the past couple weeks.  I’ve noticed that when I run for a while…two miles, for example….I begin to hurt underneath my right rib cage.  In my understanding, that isn’t supposed to happen.  I am hoping that I am not getting shin splints either.  The lower front part of my legs are beginning to make themselves known when I run.  I guess I may need to rethink the shoes I have.  I have Nike + running shoes with the sensor in the sole.  I love them, but if they aren’t working as they should, I will have to see about an alternative.

I need to remember to put a new bar of soap in my bag as well.  The crap they have in the soap dispenser is just that…crap!  If I wanted to shower with more water, I’d turn the shower on more.  The stuff in the dispenser is definitely not the soap they used to use.  It will barely form suds.  I’m sorry, but I like suds to form on my ass when I wash it.  I want suds so think that if another guy looks into my shower….and they often do….I don’t want them to see any of me!  I want to look like a huge snowman with appendages.

Stay tuned…..

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