It’s Official…We’re Headed to Vegas

As some of you have heard this past week, the partner and I, along with GeorgeInAtlanta and Romo, will be heading to Las Vegas in September for the Pride 48 Podcasting Weekend. Last year proved to be a fun time meeting everyone and having a FEW drinks. Meeting everyone int e podcasting world that could attend was probably the greatest thing from the weekend….along with visiting earth’s dirty gash, the Grand Canyon. I’m hoping that this year will prove just as exciting and I hope to be able to meet even more podcasters and listeners.

Will there be an outing this year? Of course there will be. This time out, we’re planning on visiting the country’s largest plug. River plug, that is! We plan on visiting Hoover Dam. We were meaning to visit it last year but things happened and we did not make it back out of the city after going to the canyon. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the dam, but sitting in the room while shows are being recorded is also a plan for this year’s visit.

Last year, the Las Vegas Pride Festival was the same weekend as Pride 48, but this year it falls on the weekend before we descend on the city. That’s fine as I did not personally enjoy the parade. After being in Atlanta for the past 13 years, it was a bit boring and lacked in celebration. There was almost 20 mins between the dykes on bikes and the next parade installation. I mean, yeah, they can rev the crowd up a little bit, but not enough to pass almost half an hour. We’ll stick with out home celebration and pray that it eventually finds its way back to June where it belongs.

If you would like to keep up with Pride 48 goings on, keep your ears pealed to your favorite Pride 48 podcasts and to the Pride 48 Website? And obviously, you can listen to The Gay Life of a Country Boy podcast that is downloadable from iTunes, listenable here on the website, or NOW AVAILABLE at Stiticher Radio, available in your app store and online.

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