It’s just another New Years Eve

It’s the last day of 2010. Where has the time gone? When I was a child, I never asked that question. It seemed like the year took forever to go by. Now as an adult, we celebrate new years and then give Christmas presents the next day. Is it time that is speeding up or do we need to learn how to slow down?

Personally, I think humans are in too big of a hurry. We’ve gotta get here. We’ve gotta get there. Really? Are you that important to the events of the world that you can’t stop and live life?

I hear from many people that the US is probably the busiest country in the world when it comes to its work force. People are pushed to the limits faster because of such high demand placed on them. While other countries allow their workers to enjoy a week or more of holiday, many people in the US struggle to get a day off. With that mentality, people can’t help but become worn out.

I work a four-day week. I work Thursday through Sunday evenings and have Monday through Wednesday off for school. It works for me only in the respect for school. Personal life…that’s another story. That sucks! I would give anything to say I was able to have a relaxing weekend or was able to make a trek into the mountains. Oh well. Maybe that will come along with a much better job where I don’t have to fake concern of other peoples’ property.

As we say goodbye to 2010, make it a point to slow down and smell the roses. Take a moment every now and then to relax, get your head straight, and get a clearer outlook on your life. Sit on your porch, or window sill if you haven’t got a porch, and drink some tea or coffee. Breathe. Take in the fresh air.

Do something a friend told me to do a few years back. Buy a journal and write. Take a few moments and write out your thoughts. Make lists of things in your mind. Once you’ve reached the back cover, close it and never open it again. Those thoughts belong to a different day and a different you. Leave them behind and buy another journal. I’ve kinda done that and it helps tremendously. You really can get a lot out and leave it behind. Who knew that the hand was the exit door of the brain?

Happy New Year to you all!

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