It’s been a while

Hello all!

I know it has been a while since really posting anything to the site and especially since I did a podcast. There’s only one reason….life! Everyone has a life. Sometimes it’s great, other times it’s hectic and confusing. Right now, mine is very confusing.

This quarter is coming to a close. It hasn’t been that difficult of a quarter. Accounting 102 has been the most upsetting. The other two classes have been great gradewise. I’ve received A’s on everything in those. Microsoft Office is probably the easiest thing in the world to use, so getting anything less than an A was not acceptable. I’m aiming for Dean’s List again and I’m fully capable of getting it. A swift kick in the ass between now and next Thursday will get that A in Accounting.

The chest issues I had the other week have definitely opened my eyes as to things I need to take care of and watch out for. I haven’t had the bad pressure in my chest since taking Aciphex. It may sound gross, but I’ve been able to burp much easier lately. Before taking the meds, I couldn’t burp without feeling something would be making a return visit. Not a great feeling.

Now that I’m off work, I’ll be heading home to either finish off another class or get extra sleep for my overnight shift tomorrow evening. My brain will decide for me I’m sure!

Until later….much love!

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