It’s Autumn! It’s Fall! It’s Autumn!


Whatever you call it, the thing is here.  Autumn or Fall has crept into our lives, our vegetation, and my sinuses.  Yes, Sir!  I have been very vocal the past few weeks in the attempt to clear my head of freaking mucus.  I have dealt with this crud in my head for as long as I can remember.  It never fails that each year, I always end up with a massive crud attack.  Some years have been better than others, but nonetheless, it visits me regularly.

I know…why am I telling you this?  Maybe I am getting it out of my system.  Why not get the bitching out of my system since I can’t get the crap outta my head.

I remember when I was in third grade.  I had this lady who was new to the school.  Hell, from the way she handled herself, it would lead you to believe she had never taught in her life.  I am certain she hated my guts.  I was her problem child.  I wasn’t the shy, quite type that simply sat in my chair as I didn’t exist.  That year, I received two paddlings over stupid things.  She bitched at me for the sound of my parachute pants (LMAO, right!), she bitched at me because of how much I talked, and she bitched about how much I cleared my throat.  Even then, I had issues with breathing or speaking clearly without having to clear my passages.  I know it probably irritated the hell out of her, but she wasn’t the one having issues.  I told her I couldn’t help it, but my words landed on deaf ears.

Twenty-five years later, nothing has changed.  I sit at work and try my best not to cough or clear my throat often, but sadly, disturbing country boy sits behind his monitors and hopes he doesn’t aggravate anyone.

As you can see above, the temps in the northern Metro Atlanta area are steadily dropping.  Currently, the Weather App on my Windows 8 machine says the outside temp is 63°F (17°C).  It didn’t hit 70°F (21°C) today since it has been cloudy and sort of rainy.  I was supposed to have gone to a gathering with a wilderness group today, followed by a member’s birthday party.  With the weather, I didn’t feel like going.  I haven’t felt all that social, I guess.  I see the high this coming Saturday should be a high of 59°F and a low of 41°F (15°C and 5°C, respectively).  It’s too soon, damn it.  I know Winter is heading our way, but for heaven’s sake, don’t speed it up.

Ok, I’m stepping down off my soap box and sliding it under the table for sometime later.  It has its place and time.

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