It’s Already October!


I was listening to Big Fatty ( …and don’t forget the “online”) this morning and he talked about how time starts to move so much faster when one gets older compared to when one is young.  I thought about that after he made the statement.  He couldn’t be more true if he tried.  Not only is time running away with us, it is also running across many of our bodies.  It’s sad to think about, especially when you step out of the shower and look in the mirror.  “When did that spot get there?  When did I start getting all of this gray hair?”  I don’t know about you, but those questions come into my mind.

Just the other day, I was out with the other half when he looked at me.  He wasn’t looking into my eyes, but rather up to my forehead.

“What”, I said kind of bitchy and a little laughingly.

“You are getting more and more gray.  It’s started turning in the front to match the sides.  Are we gonna have to get you some Just For Men?”  The whole time he was saying this, there was a shit eatin’ grin on his face.

That evil bitch!

Yes, I have started turning gray and I have my own remedy for people seeing much of it.  I get my head buzzed……basically a high and tight……a marine haircut many will call it.  Screw the bottle of hair color.

That really wasn’t, however, what Big Fatty was referring to when he said time was getting away from us.  I am presently sitting here in the home office without a stitch of clothes on and my headlights (nipples) are definitely on high beams.  It seems only yesterday, the northern hemisphere was getting hotter and welcoming people to the beach and lakes.  Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to get to either.  This was rather a boring summer in my opinion.  I have had much happier summers without a doubt.  It started out as a really wet and rainy summer with rain storms hitting us from every angle.  I’m not complaining about the rain as much as not being able to get out in it.  Georgia really needed the rainfall to help fill our lakes.  Oh, that’s right.  It didn’t really affect me in that way.

As it gets colder, we go back into that hibernated state of mind.  We put our warm weather clothes away and we pull out our jackets and blankets.  I am not one to wear layers so this season is not my most fashionable times of the year.  I would rather be a little cold than wear three to four layers of clothes.  Sue me…I am not a runway model and there’s no one I need to show off to.

Whatever the case, try to have some fun before it gets too cold this year.  Get out and take a hike or go camping.  Either one would be great and it will keep you active or take the place of missed activity from the summer.  I plan on doing some of either in the near future before I have to put all my time and energy into tax preparation.  Happy Autumn!

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