It’s almost over!

Hello everyone!

I have been distant from the blog / podcast for some time now. I have let my followers down in bringing them my life for a few weeks. That’s because the quarter is coming to an end. Yes, Spring Quarter is fading out.

Finals will be Tuesday and then I will be able to breathe easier. First to end, that wretched Payroll Accounting. Thank God for allowing this course to end. It has been the hugest thorn in the side of all the others I talk to regularly in the accounting program. The professor has even gone to the lengths of not sending quarter surveys to me and others who have voiced our opinions of dislike of the happenings during the class. Very classy, let me tell ya!

Secondly, off to the Computerized Accounting final that is all about Quickbooks. YES! I believe I have this one under my belt. This class and professor, the program director, have been wonderful. This is a class I would take over and over again. An online class should be something you can teach yourself, but if a question arises, be able to get a clear answer from the class moderator. This was the epitome of an online class.

After the finals are through, I can spend time finishing up the planning for the hike coming up at the end of June. I can’t wait! More news to come on that.

If you have a moment, go over to Pride 48and check out the live show schedules. I will be participating in this years podcast-athon! Yes, 48 gay hours of podcasting from your favorite podcasters. Check out the shows that are playing now and then go back to the site from June 25-27 to hear the live broadcasts.

The Gay Country Boy loves ya!

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