It’s A New Year

I hope everyone’s year is starting off great. It’s definitely starting off here in the Atlanta area as a very rainy and cold year. I’m hoping it warms up, but if last year is any indication of what we’re going to see, we need to batten down the hatches and pull up our long johns. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Or, better yet, a slippery one. At the current time, The Weather Channel® app says that it is 15° F (-9.44° C) at our house. That is insane! Yes, Mother Nature, we know it is winter, but for goodness sake, keep this mess above the Mason-Dixon Line! LOL!

I know what this means for tomorrow morning. This means I will be reaching in to the back of my dresser and grabbing my 2xist or Champion long johns or going into the closet and getting my red Bass Pro union suit. Either one will work wonderfully. I guess it all depends on whether I want to walk around all day in underwear that covers my whole body or in something that only covers the legs. The last time I wore my union suit, I found myself getting naked in the bathroom at work, peeling off this horribly hot piece of clothing. It had been rather cold that morning, but as the day progressed, it became warmer and warmer. It was either sit at my desk and be totally miserable or go be a stripper in the bathroom for a few moments and hope someone would be gracious enough to throw a dollar or two under the stall wall. I wouldn’t have anything to put the money in until my pants were put back on, but I would still have thanked them.

I have been thinking heavily on what I want to make resolutions for this year. The first thing is to get back into better shape. That’s muy importante! I have gut drastically back on the amount of carbs I intake. I haven’t had a soft drink in a while. I haven’t eaten any candy except for the occasional breath mint (others are happy). I have been eating more lean meat and vegetables along with fruit. I cheated a few nights ago because the partner and I went to a local Sushi restaurant and I ordered their deluxe arrangement of 12 pieces of sashimi and 7 pieces of nigiri which could not have been more fantastic. If a dish has ever made you happy, you know how I felt eating this wonderful meal. At times, I felt horrible that I was eating such art. Salmon, tuna, scallops, and more adorned a long plate with shredded Asian radish. I’m sure they would have been pretty swimming around in water but they were more delicious in my stomach.

I want to work on like learning more programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. More and more things are being given to me at work that involve programming and it’s getting more difficult in understanding. Just recently, I was assigned two tasks that depended on me to write JavaScript to show various pictures on pages depending on the ID of a restaurant location. Another task had me using a different setup to basically do the same thing but with much deeper coding. I know the more I work on it, the more I will be able to handle. I just need the time and the ability to focus on what I am doing.

There are other things I want to work on, but I will take those day by day. Those things sit deeper in me…not like in my colon or stomach, but in my soul and who I am as a person. We should always be looking ourselves over to see things like that. Don’t wait till Lent to tackle those things. Get a head start and you’ll have a little over a month to work on it before Ash Wednesday.

Have a fabulous New Year and make it one you will never forget.

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  1. Good site. It’s nice to see someone unafraid to break the stereotype that all gay men are flamboyantly effiminate. Just do what makes you feel good I say. If you’re so into computers I’m surprised you haven’t switched to linux. I just gathered that from your posts so I apologize if I made a mistake. Do give it a try if you haven’t though. You don’t even have to install it to try it out. There are flavors to suit every machine. I put Lubuntu on a ten year old laptop and it runs like a dream with all modern software. It even plays back HD video perfectly. Imagine that, a device that can playback HD content that was invented before that was even a thing. I’m tired of Microsoft et al. making feel people like they need new computers with go faster stripes to support their intentially bloated operating system. I outfit and modernize older computers for people for anywhere from 50-100 bucks depending on whether they need new parts. If not I just do it for free usually depending on how nice they are to me. Anyway, great site please keep it up.

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