It’s a February Sickness!

It’s Wednesday night at 8:12 pm EST and I am in bed. YES, in bed. I have somehow contracted some kind of crud and it is making itself well known. From coughing to sneezing to blowing my nose a hundred times a day, I have run the course of a sickness. Luckily, there hasn’t been any affects on my digestive system…as of yet. I generally don’t get stomach bugs. I’ve had them in my life, but not too many times. Anyway, having the trots or retching violently or neither, I am sick.

I probably should have gone somewhere on Monday evening when I felt the scratching in the back of my nasal passages. It felt as though someone was sanding away at the back of my throat. I figured it was because of something I ate. Maybe some spices found their way into my passages. Just the day before, we went to Chow Baby at the Mall of Georgia. I thought my bowl looked fantastic and I couldn’t wait to dive into it. I guess the Red Thai Curry sauce, combined with a few jalapenos, combined with some Cajun seasoning, and combined with other spices was a tad too hot for my system. Oh well, live and learn.

So this is going to be rater short. No running on tonight as I have already taken some Tylenol® nighttime. Until later!

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