It Always Needs Your Help

I know I have probably posted this in the past, but in my opinion, this can not be overlooked.  The Appalachian Trail is one of the nation’s most treasured natural hiking trail.  It reaches from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine.  The serene atmosphere of this trail calls hikers from all around the world to witness its majestic scenery.  From high mountain tops to low valleys, you can bask in the calm that is nature.

I have hiked the first 19 miles (30.58 km) and each one of those miles holds a special place in my heart.  Getting the chance to visit Blood Mountain every now and then to hike along the trail brings me closer and closer to it.  In the Spring and Summer, you get to smell the sweet smells of blooming rhododendrons and various woodland bushes.  In the warmer times of the year, there are many chances to stick your feet into a nice stream or creek.  You can do that while you’re using your arm muscles to pump water through your filtration system to replenish your water supply.  I really can’t say that I have hiked during the Winter months as the northern parts of Georgia see sleet and snow often.  This year was different, but I wasn’t going to try my luck.  I did get up there to hike once in the past few months and you couldn’t see far in front of the car.  It was rainy but we reached the top of the mountain.  It’s a wonder I did not get sick from that trip.

I am, like many people in the US, awaiting my tax refund money to arrive.  I am planning to donate to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.  Any little bit that people can donate helps keep the trail in good shape.  The majority of upkeep is completed by volunteers who love spending time in nature and are concerned about the encroachment of urban life and destruction of air and land pollution.  If you are a lover of nature, and are near the Appalachian Trail or have ever used it or plan on using it in the future, please think about helping out.

If you aren’t near the AT but are in an area where there are nature trails and protected forests, do what you can to help them.  The trails are available to all who want to put them to use.  In many instances, they are taken care of by those few who love them.  Take a minute to do something that will help out.  Give money, time, and energy to allow them to exist in the future for generations to come.

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