I’s welcomed to the podcast family

I have to say that this week has been one of the most fulfilling weeks in my life.  I don’t mean that to sound all mushy (wiping the raccoon eyes away), but I never thought when I started a podcast that I would get out to so many people. Obviously, I have gotten out to the right people!  Much thanks to the following:

Its The Big Fatty...Onilne!

It's The Big Fatty...Online....with bodily soundtrack!

Miss Wes Stone

Miss Wes Stone...cookin' up a storm!

Kim Beavers Lodge...does it have beaver dams?

Kim Beaver's Lodge...does it have beaver dams?

Terminally Single Tim......or better yet, the baby arm!

Terminally Single Tim......or better yet, the baby arm!

I hope I can get out and meet many more podcasters.  This is such a fun thing to take part in.  If you haven’t listened to one, go out and find the best one for you.  I’m sure there is one to get you going….in any way possible!

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  1. Hi, Wes! Great podcast! Had a chance to listen to ALL episodes, now I am intrigued about whatever happened to “George/Levi”!!!

    Your story telling is very cute in a country boy way, love the accent and the great descriptions of things like that “Wonderful gray dark dirt under the houses when we were kids. 🙂

    Grew up in Hartsville, SC and know about all the dirt road houses and everything “country” you speak of.

    Drive for Dolphin Lines Trucking out of Mobile, AL. and go to the paper mills all around Oak Grove and Monroeville and Repton , Oak Hill areas where you are from. I live in Columbia, SC though.

    So what truckstops did you work at is another question i have?

    OK, just wanted to say HEY!!!!!!!!

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