I can see clearly now…

Today is a happy day! Not only am I clean shaven, but I also now have contacts. It’s pollen season, but if you wear glasses, you know how they can become a pain in the ass over time. The ones I have aren’t that large. They are Tommys (that ‘figer guy) and I love his stuff. Yeah, I know. Not really something you’d expect to hear from a country boy. Actually, being honest, there is nothing hotter than a well built, slightly chunky country boy in a pair of Levis and a nice Tommy polo and those yellowish colored construction boots. And just to add a bit extra to him…put a clean Auburn cap on his head. I’m already needing a drink to calm me down!

Anyway, back to glasses. I’ve worn glasses since the summer before my senior year in high school. My first glasses were so big! They felt like they covered my face. They were so large that some mornings, my mother would have to remind me they were on my face when I got worried cause I couldn’t find them. I wore those till I got to college. I had to get another pair and for some ungodly reason, I picked out a pair of gold frames and Photogray lenses. I kinda thought they were neat. It was obviously before I was introduced to something called style. A few of my college ID cards have pictures of me with those horible things. The worst thing about them was the lenses. Since my eyesight is worse in my right eye, the lens was thicker and the Photogray effect took longer to turn back clear from being in the sun. I looked absolutely aweful.

I’ll see if I can find some of those pictures. I think I can handle the humiliation after all these years. All I know is it feels so good not having that piece of metal sitting on my nose.

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