Here’s the first underwear post! Yay!

Today, February 1, 2011, marks the initial underwear post here at The Gay Life of a Country Boy.  Of course, I told you all that I have a love of underwear.  You may ask, “What is it about underwear these days?” or “I’ve seen these catalogs lately and men are starting to wear ladies underwear….do you?”  I have an answer to both those questions.

Let me answer the second question first.  No, I do not wear feminine underwear.  Those are for women.  Not men.  I know, I know.  All you other guys that love underwear are blowing up your cheeks and shaking your head in disbelief.  Not all the new styles look feminine and not all the flashy styles do either.  When it gets to the lacy and satin creations I’ve seen, then yes.  A line has been crossed and a penis might as well not be placed inside them.  It boggles my mind that some would wear that and then disrobe in front of their wives, girlfriends, or partners.  I would literally laugh my ass off.  I would ask which pantie bin he picked them out of at the five and dime store.

The first question is simple, yet rather complicated as well.  Underwear has changed over the years.  Thanks to the creator of Jockey underwear, briefs were created after seeing a postcard sent from Europe.  He saw the suits worn by men at the beach and had a fantastic idea.  Why not create underwear like this for everyday wear.  The boxer was already in large supply and worn by many.  The first briefs covered lots more skin than many styles do today.  Remember the scene in The Rocky Horror Picture Show when Brad removed his clothes.  Those weren’t a joke.  It was the real thing.

These days, we have more of a choice when it comes to the brand, cut/style/design, and color.  We don’t have to settle with plain, boring white anymore.  As you can see in my picture, we can even have two colors on the same pair.  The materials have changed from cotton to an assortment of other choices, such as elastane, spandex, lycra, and even bamboo.  Geez, men in the 40’s and 50’s would have died to see so large of an assortment.  Maybe then, husbands and wives wouldn’t have slept in different beds!  No Pleasantville would have been complete.

I recently completed a college course called Integrated Management Accounting Systems.  Our assignment was to create a company from scratch, find a location, research the products and supplies needed, and then create a business plan and presentation for a bank to get a business loan.  Can you imagine what I chose?  That’s right!  I created a business where men could find the underwear they wanted, craved, and deserved.  I will not give away too much of the idea as I would love to be able to create the business in the future.  The thing that sticks in my mind is the reaction of my professor as I presented my knowledge of men’s underwear.  It was priceless.  I didn’t have to ask the big question…boxers or briefs.  He said, “I’m just a plain old guy that buys regular old boxers.”  He wasn’t aware of the 30+ brands of men’s underwear in creation today.  In this picture, there are eight different brands.  In many drawers in bedrooms around the world, there may be two to three brands at the most.  Of course, these aren’t the men who collect them for wear.  These are the men who buy them to wear.  There’s a difference.

Take Billy Joe back in the country.  He could be single or he could be married.  If he’s single, he may buy a pack of Fruit of the Loom briefs in January and then might get another pack for Christmas from his mother.  If he’s married, he probably got a pack when his wife went to the store in January and then get another one much later, seemingly when the crotch is so worn out and the legs are gaping open to the point that Little Billy Joe is sliding down his leg.  Hmm….hi Billy Joe!  How are ya?!

Today, men’s underwear is a multi-billion dollar market.  With companies like 2(x)ist, Calvin Klein, Unico, Tommy Hilfiger, Timoteo, Armani, Joe Snyder, and countless others, our choices of underwear will constantly grow and change.  As time goes by, I’ll take a look at different companies and designs.  If you follow the blog and you’re an underwear lover, you may disagree with some of my opinions.  That’s perfectly alright and expected.  If there weren’t differences in opinions, every man in the world would be walking around in tighty-whities.  I hope I can learn of other brands around the world I haven’t had the pleasure of trying.

Let’s get the underwear party on the road!


  1. My father, a firsty Irish immigrant, was equally surprised by the underwear selection in America. When we came over he was still wearing what in the US would be called a Union Suit. Now he’s thrilled, and proudly displays his Hanes vests and “tighty whities” the moment he returns from work. I am equally proud to have inherited the US styles from my mates at school and Da at home. Nowadays I cannot imagine an evening after the office without having pulled off the button shirt and business suit, just me and my jocks and socks.

  2. Great post on undies! Love the bit about your project and professor’s reaction. Love that he volunteered that info – sometimes I wish I could ask my professor’s that question.

    Just one small thing, there are way more than 30 brands for men. I personally have over 80 brands in my drawers.

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