Hats off to Target – Evolve Underwear

Target had quite a few people worried the last couple of weeks when they cleared out their inventory of the midline underwear brand from 2(x)ist called Evolve. I personally thought the briefs were fantastic. When wearing them, the front fit gives an enlongated effect. That may not be important to many, but those with shorter builds can really use the effect. It’s like when a shorter person wears a verticle striped shirt. It makes them look taller. Same goes for those with shorter crotch areas. I did not say shorter penises. That takes something totally different!

Anyway, Target has renewed our trust in them by rearranging their underwear department and adding more selections of Evolve, such as the sport brief. I’ve been told by my online friend Eddie that these feel pretty good. I should be getting some to try out in the near future.

If any of you try them, let me know. Send me an email, post a comment, or leave a message on the voice line.


  1. I’ve been wearing this brand for a couple years now. I will never buy any other brand. Love the briefs and the trunks!!

  2. You can also find the Evolve briefs and boxers at your TJ Maxx or Marshall’s stores from 5.99-7.99 per package. I agree, they are great fitting briefs and from a pretty good underwear company.

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