Happy New Year from the Country Boy

I want to tell everyone Happy New Year.  Remember that with a new year, there is a somewhat clean slate.  Of course, there are things on that slate that will never go away, but looking on the brighter side, you can make the next year what you want it to be.  If you see things in your life that need to change for the better, take care of them.  Make it a goal to correct the wrongs in life and turn over a new leaf.  Who knows what this next year will have in store for us?

Picture a new canvas.  Then picture that guy we all thought was a stoner while growing up…you know the guy.  He had the curly hair and he kept talking about the “happy trees!”  He would make a masterpiece of art from nothing at all.  That’s what we have to do.  We have to take nothing and create a lot.  It sounds hard and can be just that!  Take the initiative.  Help someone.  Teach someone.  Give someone something that will change their minds about life.  Giving something to someone else could change yourself.

Resolutions?  What’s the use?  Resolutions were meant to be broken.  They are just thoughts people have that escape the mind with the least amount of effort.  “Oh, I’m sorry! Were you really thinking about…going to the gym…having a life with friends…getting more education…seeing your family more…doing more to make your life seem like it matters.  I didn’t think you were interested in that.”  Good Lord!

If you want to get out and do those things, don’t let life keep you from doing it.  Yes, the economy is bad.  Yes, a lot of people are out of work.  You know, you really have to get past those things.  You really need to get out and meet people and make the world seem like a better place.  That’s what I plan on doing.  Do it with me.

Have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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