Something tells me that I will be going “FUNLESS” though this summer.  It has rained most of the season, which is not necessarily the worst thing that could happen.  We really needed the rain here in the state of Georgia.  The thing is that while rain is fantastic and it fills up Lake Sidney Lanier, it doesn’t really allow people to get out and enjoy the lake.  Where’s the sunshine?

At this moment, in the Gwinnett County area, it is 64° F (18° C) on the 17th of August.  I believe they said it was a record setting temperature.  I can believe that.  It feels fantastic outside as there is no humidity.  But that leaves you to ask….Where did summer go?

Another question this could raise is…How will this winter treat us?  A few years ago, a debilitating and crippling snow and ice storm came to the city of Atlanta.  We were dead in our tracks.  Snow to a Southerner is almost as bad as a volcano to Pompeii.  We buy all the milk, bread, bottled water, and gas that can be bought.  You know…like the world will stand still and we can’t get to anything.  There were cars PARKED on the interstates because they couldn’t go anywhere.  Should we be planning to see that again and start making our emergency packs?

No matter the temperature, I will gladly take what we get.  It’s another day we’re alive and I am totally happy.  It just never hurts to ask a question.

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