Great dinner and great friends!

On August 20, we had the chance to sit down for a while and have wonderful conversation and a home-cooked meal, prepared by our own George.  We were told to keep that Saturday free of any commitments other than to have our behinds at his place by 6:00 pm.  Who could pass up such a tantalizing offer than a meal made by such an awesome person?  Neither of us, for sure!


Before the meal was finished, I decided to get out the camera and take some pictures.  Introducing, Ms. Annie!  She is George’s Jack Russell and she is just the sweetest thing.  She is a little mischievous only because that what Jack Russells are known for.  We have one as well and he makes sure that you do not forget he is in the room.  Hell, he doesn’t let you forget he’s in the universe.  He’s that precious and so is she.  We see her here doing her “catwalk” through the kitchen.  See her sway and float as though she is walking on air.  She says, “That little redhead orphan girl has nothing on me.  I am The Annie!”  LOL!


The view from high above the earth we call Atlanta is amazing.  It is what I would call breathtaking.  Some people wouldn’t thing it so impressive, but hey…I come from MUCH less than this and to me, it is almost a new world.  I love the architecture of the city as it is here, there, and everywhere in the eyes of their architects.  We are a city of buildings that don’t really flow together but rather create a collage of differentness.  That’s Atlanta as a whole.  If we were all similar, it wouldn’t be the same city and would probably be boring.  We can’t have that now, can we?  We have a reputation as a…no…the major Southern city.  I think we do a pretty good job with that.  In this picture, we are looking northward along the historic Peachtree Street.  If you can find your way to this street while in the city, you aren’t lost.  Go one way and you’re in Downtown.  Turn around and go the other way and you’re in Midtown and then further up, you are headed out of the city and into the northern suburbs.  It is the major thoroughfare.


While soaking in the pseudo fresh air, I turned the camera on Romo and said, “Smile, biotch!”  He mustered a smile and I mustered a click of the camera.  Of course, after the picture was taken, he had to approve it for further viewing of anyone.  You can’t see it, but behind Romo in the distance is Stone Mountain.  It’s an awesome park to visit, made up of many different things.  The idea of the park is to commemorate the southern states and the Confederacy.  If you want more information about Stone Mountain Park, visit their website at



Onto our dinner, shall we?!  George now has a kitchen and can broaden his talents of cooking.  He has been watching so much Food Network that he should be able to run La’ George from his place.  Above, we see that he has arranged us along the bar, having us sit on his fancy new bar stools.  Presented to us was lemon marinated chicken breast, roasted potatoes, and green beans, accompanied with a Caesar salad on simple yet elegant white dinnerware on a brown placemat.  The sophistication was running rampant and was nothing less than what we expected of our George.


After dinner, Ms. Annie needed to go for a walk.  Since we arrived, I had an unusual craving for Starbucks.  My mind was thinking green tea frap…no whip.  It had my stomach roaring with the possible goodness and I couldn’t take it anymore.  While the other half and George took Ms. Annie on her stroll, Romo and I headed across Peachtree St. to the Starbucks where I found my darling drink, green with all its goodness, along with Romo’s mocha lite frap.  We were in heaven, drinking our sweetness as we circled the block to walk off dinner.  It wasn’t a bad evening heat wise, making our trip perspiration free…for the most part!


After retiring back to La Casa de George, we started watching Storage Wars and since it was a marathon, we ended up watching quite a few episodes.  I stood up to stretch for a bit and walked outside.  I couldn’t help but take a picture of the night lights in the city.  They look so wonderful, even though with that many lights, you can’t see any stars.  We had some dessert while watching TV and then we said our goodbyes.  We had a great time together and loved the company and conversation with loved ones.  We made our way back to the north and relaxed for the evening.  We can’t wait for the next opportunity to get together.

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