Good Morning, Sugar Hill

*** hairy little bear angles pull open my eyes ***

Oh thanks, bears. I so love to be woke up with the bright light of the morning. And to be woke up by bears…couldn’t ask for much better. And they’re all dressed in shorts and construction boots! Yay!

So, good morning everyone. It’s a beautiful sunny day in the Atlanta area. It’s a school day today. I’ve got to haul my ass outta this bed even though it is a warm one. The ceiling fan is on and is sending a chill thru the bedroom. Me and the other half are bundled up in a nice comforter. Even the dog is under his blankie!

*** little angle bears pulling the covers down and smiling***

Hmmm, someone should have told you bears what you would find under there. Yeah, you could call that a flag poll! LMAO!

Morning yall!

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