Going to the gym and loving it!

Hi everyone!  I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but trust me…I haven’t been sitting on my ass and doing nothing.  Well, maybe while at work for 8 hours a day, but certainly not trying to at any other time.

A while back, I think I mentioned how I had started biking with a good friend.  Sadly, for various reasons, I have had to miss those trips for about a month.  He was either doing things or I was doing things.  There was one Sunday when I called him early in the morning to tell him that I was feeling quite shitty and that there was not going to be any energy to go on a bike ride.  He surprisingly agreed and we went back to our beds and fell fast asleep.

WesDrunkPassedOutI probably should have gone on a ride the weekend of July 4th since it was a long weekend.  We had company, however, and I wasn’t going to play the bad host.  I say that, but then I turned around that Sunday night and got totally PLASTERED on way too much Tanqueray & Tonic…Big Fatty’s drink of choice.  I started out small but then it got really strong as we were watching the local fireworks display.  Pretty flashes!  It was all good until I reached the downstairs porcelain god and we started a close relationship that lasted for a while.  When I awoke on Monday morning, half of my body was in the bathroom while the other half was lying on the carpet.  I was literally lying in the door.  Oh, and naked with a blanket.  Good times, I tell ya!  The pic was taken by the other half as the dog, I guess, was seeing if I was still alive.  I was told it was scary, but I honestly don’t know.

After that night, I got back to my routine at the gym.  I could allow one night of partying before I returned to my strict gym time.  I say strict, but in reality, I wasn’t feeling like it was doing anything.  I thought I was doing great on the Body-for-LIFE plan and I believed it would start to show as time progressed.  I didn’t see that coming.  One of our coworkers told me on more than one occasion that I needed to go to the gym with him.  This guy knows what he is talking about.  He is really built…to the point where I honestly want to be someday.

I am loving the feeling of renewed energy.  My coworker is a great trainer and one that takes time with you and explains what you don’t understand.  I , of course, have many questions about weightlifting and the best ways to do it and be safe at the same time.  I can see where changes are taking place.  The pic to the right is from last week.  You may think there is not much change taking place by looking at my stomach, but there really is.  I have been told by many that the stomach area is the hardest to train and it is also the last area you will see the changes in body/muscle size.  I am hoping that later is when I will witness this miraculous change because now it’s not changing as much as I’d hoped.  The goal is to look much different by the time we go to the Pride 48 Podcasters Convention in Las Vegas.  I WILL look better for that event.  I’m promising that to myself.

I will write more later as at this moment, my eyes are trying to close.  It has been a long day and it is time for my brain to calm down and allow my muscles to heal.  Onward Bound, Mr. Muscle Man! LOL


  1. Keep it up! You look great already. You may not be where you think you need to be, but you’re keeping at it. It’s all about what your mind has in-store for you that day. Sometimes you feel like working out and sometimes you don’t. It’s all ok. Life doesn’t fit into perfect little 2 hour pockets that allow workouts when want!! That pic from last week shows a solid foundation (and a nice basket in those briefs), whether obvious improvement is there or not. I might have to kidnap you and keep you for a few days….you know, just to give you a good exam!!! lol 🙂

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