Gitty up Mr. Zebra

You know things have gone to hell in a hand basket when a zebra is found at Grady curve in Downtown Atlanta on I-85. Barnum and Bailey is at Phillips Arena this week and it seems one of their fellas got loose and run amok (amok, amok, amok) throught the busy streets of our fair town. Amazingly, this was not seen as anything weird. I mean, you see hoes and pimps wearing that pattern all the time down there. Just this time, the being wasn’t wearing bling or heels.

The great thing coming from this situation is Fox 5 had an opportunity to talk about something kind of funny instead of someone getting shot and killed. Oops, my bad. That was the next story. A high school student was shot by his Mama ex-boyfriend along with her brother. He was on his way to Vanderbilt in the fall. It’s really sad. And then there’s the story today about the dumbass in Texas that slammed his airplane into an office building in Austin. Is it just me or has that been done before? That time, it was more than going after the IRS because it’s bad for the country. I’m not going to say “Whats this world coming to?” when the answer is so clear.

I don’t want to seem negative or bitchy, but people have an uncanny ability to be stupid. We can only hope that there are people out there with the ability to raise a smart, responsible child, capable of becoming an asset to society. Maybe it’s too much of a dream, but I’m going to keep my fingers crossed.

In a world full of crazy people, at least a zebra was able to run down a busy, rush hour interstate, screaming to the world, “Fuck it all! I’m free!”

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