GCB0122 – Testing Out The New Toy

This is my Christmas review episode. Yeah, it has taken me a while to get it completed and uploaded. Things take time, I say!

To some, the contents of this show may be a tad on the TMI side. That’s OK! I’m thinking the future of this show is going to change a bit and hopefully people will continue to listen. I’m presently going through some life changes and I want to take the show along with me. That’s going to be good, bad, sexy, perverted, and everything in between. I don’t know where it’s going and that’s what is going to keep this show alive. The events that stand ahead are going to be…well…mysteries to you as well as it is to me. Enjoy the ride!

You can always contact me at thegaycountryboy@gmail.com or go to the website at thegaycountryboy.com


  1. Happy New Year to you, and hope that you will produce more podcasts like this! I really enjoy this and the tone & style that you use to speak about this quite personal matter. I commend you for not adding any crass remarks to the subject matter. Personal issues can be discussed in a respectable manner as you have demonstrated. Great job.

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