GCB0119 – Coming Out Again…Just Tied This Time

Hello again after such a long period of not doing any shows. I was driving to work while recording the show. You can tell that I was talking maybe slower than I normally do. I was not only trying to drive safely, but I was also trying to form my sentences correctly and in a way they would make sense.

I talk about some things in this episode that I really had to think about. I like podcasts that make me think and this one definitely made me think. I’m sure there will be things that people don’t want to hear and I hope I hear something from people about this episode. At times, my eyes did water up, but it wasn’t from sadness….it was total happiness and a good feeling. I also talk about this great new picture of me!

Kinky Country Wes

Kinky Country Wes

Please, if you would, let me know what you think of this episode. You can send emails to thegaycountryboy@gmail.com or you can leave me a voice message at 678-765-9776.


  1. So glad you shared your experiences Wes! We’re all more than one side or one aspect. Varierty and diversity are what make life interesting. I try to live open and non-judgemental and allow myself to experience new things others enjoy. Keep sharing!

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