GCB0110 – Happy Atlanta Pride With Turettes

This past weekend was the Pride Celebration in Atlanta, GA.  That gave us a little something to talk about on Episode 110.  The partner and I went down to Piedmont Park for a short period of time on Saturday and met friends from Alabama.  The short amount of time spent there was enough to remind me why pride celebrations are getting out of control.  Once, it was about loving who we are, accepting who we are, and celebrating the accomplishments reached by those in our community.  Now, it’s become a weekend of lover hunting, drinking, doing crazy things, and for the most part, making our community look like the exact thing others in the world hate about us.  It’s really sad.  I said last year that I would find something to do away from Atlanta during Pride weekend.  I believe that will happen next year.   I’m sure there is a great camping spot that will be calling my name.

Other than Pride, we talk about hanging out with my friends from Alabama and other things, including the excitement of the season premier or The Walking Dead.  It was a good episode and we enjoyed making it.

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