GCB0108 – It’s A New Studio!


The official podcasting studio of The Gay Life of a Country Boy

Episode 108 finds us in our new recording studio!  It’s an extra room in our house that has been used as a computer room since we moved in.  I don’t know why I didn’t keep the recording equipment up there when I started.  The first few podcasts I did were in that room on the iMac.  I had a bright idea to bring everything downstairs when we got the new desks.  It was great while I was going to school.  When I started podcasting more frequently and getting more into it, it became an issue with seating and setup.  So, things were moved back to the computer room.  The sound quality was so much better in that room because of the carpeted floor and the sound absorbing alpaca thingy on the wall.  We finally found a use for it!

We would love to have you contact us at thegaycountryboy@gmail.com or leave us a voice message at 678-765-9776.

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