GCB0066 – Cat Hating, Wind Blowing, and Childcare

For Episode 66, we went with a more simple approach with using our headsets alone. There was no music, sound effects, or anything special. We sounded great! Next week should be us in person and using the mixer.

We talk about news stories, child raising, and cats being thrown at George’s windows during the wind storm we had last week.

As always, send us email at thegaycountryboy@gmail.com or leave voice mail at 678-765-9776.

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  1. Hey Wes & George:

    Wanted to clear up a couple of issues you discussed on the show. First, Wes was unaware that Governors of states have the authority to pardon those convicted of crimes. They do, so long as the offender is convicted under state law, and such pardons are issued in accordance with the laws of that state (which is the issue in MS). The US President can pardon those convicted under Federal law.

    Next, interracial marriage was legalized throughout the US by means of the 1967 Supreme Court decision in the case of Loving v. Virginia:


    However, Wes may be right in that MS could have (or still has) a prohibition against such marriages in state law, but it has no legal standing.

    Keep up the great work & thank you for ‘casting.

    P.S. The posted pic of George confirmed my theory that he was hawt, thanks for that as well.

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