GCB0056 – Special Interview with Ken Summers

Episode 56 is the complete interview I did with Ken Summers, author of the book Queer Hauntings: True Tales of Gay & Lesbian Ghosts.  We chatted for a while about various things from the book to things he has encountered in his life.  As I mention in the interview, I have known Ken from online for many years now.  We used to talk on the phone a good bit until life does its thing and makes people too busy to do such things.  Hopefully, that will change!

I wanted to get him on the show to talk about his experiences with the unknown world.  Of course, I am one of the people who question this type of thing all the time.  It’s one of those gray areas in life that I don’t give much thought.  Who knows what lies out there for us never to see or understand.  I will let Ken attack that field of study!  LOL.

You can find Ken Summers at his website called SPOOKED!  Check out his stories and thoughts.  I am sure he would love to have you visit.

I hope you enjoy the interview.  If you do, let me know.  I would love to hear from you.  Also, click below where you can find a copy of Ken’s book.

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