GCB0050 – Anniversary Episode at Pride 48 Vegas

Hello to you all!  Episode 50…our anniversary episode…comes to you from the Luxurious Luxor Resort and Casino in Fabulous Las Vegas.  We had so much fun while there and we got to meet so many interesting people.  It was a treat and to be able to spend three whole days with those we’ve been podcasting with for the past two years.

The Gay Life of a Country Boy would be nothing without its listeners and I, for one, would love to thank everyone who listens.  I would also like to thank the love and support of the other podcasters who have helped me along the way and have shown kindness to me.  It means a lot to me and I will never forget any of you.

We do this for whatever reason we feel is best in our hearts and minds.  Many of us find that is is soothing to talk about things.  Others need an outlet for the energy for if we didn’t have that, there would be explosions of body parts flying everywhere.  Some even have a knack for things and they feel that their best way to get out there in the world is to create a podcast so everyone can understand their desires, needs, and wants.  Whatever reason, you can count on learning something you either didn’t know or you will find someone with the same views and feelings.  And if you don’t find either, then just listen and laugh your ass off at the sheer wackiness of it all.

Here’s to many more episodes of The Gay Life of a Country Boy.

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