GCB0046 – It’s DragonCon Time in Atlanta!

On episode 46, I am joined by Romo from PodCubs POV podcast and then later on, joined by David from That Blue Jeans Guy podcast.  We are mostly talking about Dragon Con which was held here in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend.  Every year on Labor Day weekend, the city is invaded by people who love, and honestly live for, everything Sci-Fi and pop culture.  It’s a wonderful time waiting to be had by the young and old.  Sometimes it can get a bit more adult, but that is just how we adults are with some things.  We can be older, but that childhood dream of being a super hero still cling to us.  It is one weekend that it no longer has to linger in our heart.  We can dress up as just about anything.  Check out the website at http://dragoncon.org and make plans to head to Atlanta next year.

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