GCB0035 – Trip to the outhouse and whatever

Joining me this week is Romo.  I was not in the podcastng mood at the beginning of the show, but as you will see, I kept on talking.  That’s me…talk, talk, and talk!  We talk about getting hair cuts and the lack of good hair cuts as well as some emails and some questions from the studio audience.

There is also talk of the Pride 48 event on Las Vegas in September.  More details to come!


  1. Well Wes, I need to ammed my previous comment about DJ David J. I checked his iTunes feed, and he’s uploaded two dance promo mixes since his “Final” pocast in January. Still no talk-casts, but it gives me hope he might participate in Pride48.


    Prairie Dog

  2. Hey Wes! Long-time listener, first time commenter. Love the show, and I’m glad you’ve been able to post them more frequently lately.

    I wanted to confirm something you mentioned in this episode. DJ David J, AKA The Gay Trucker has officially retired from podcasting. He put up his final episode earlier this year. He said he was done and would even be deleting his website. I do know his back catalog is still available via iTunes. He might make an exception for Pride48 though, but I personally doubt it. I think that’s sad, as his was the first LGBT podcast I followed.

    Keep up the great shows and say hey to Romo & George.

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