GCB0024 – Pride 48 2010 Live Show

Hello all!

From June 25-27, the 2nd annual Pride 48 broadcast took place over at http://www.pride48.com.  The site is a place where podcasters, LGBT and LGBT Friendly alike, can produce live shows instead of the normal recorded show.  It’s a great idea!  Not only can you listen to the broadcasts, you can chat with the stars of the show and fellow listeners.

This is the first year I have taken part in the show and I had a lot of fun.  It would have been great if I knew just what I was doing beforehand, but that was alright.  The Sound Nazi (Daniel Brr-Brr-Brr-Brewer) was nice enough to step in and help get the show underway.

The show you are going to hear is not how it went to all who were listening.  I am starting it off here there way it should have sounded.  I hope you find some amusement in it.

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