GCB0020 – Catching up, Colt 45, and whatever else!

Hello to all!

I have made it to Episode 20! WooHoo!  At the beginning of the episode, I made the comment that it was the 19th episode.  Obviously I had a Terminally Single Tim moment and couldn’t remember the number of my show!  I made the correction at the end.

I am doing the show again with my friend Ronnie from the “Pulling the string on the iPad” episode.  A lot of people wrote in about our little duo and so I invited him back for another go around.  We talk about a few different things…from product placement of Colt 45 to people making stupid decisions when hiking at later hours in the day to the turning wet of my home county in Alabama.  Of course, I am happy about that!

Have a listen and I hope to hear from you all.  Definitely call and leave a voice mail when you can.  I would love to hear from you.  I am also trying to get the sound quality good on the show.  I hope it isn’t too loud.

Until later!

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