GCB0019 – Hiking the Laurel Ridge Trail

Hello everyone!

This is actually a larger show!  Yay!  Back to the original long shows.  I was hiking on the beautiful Laurel Ridge Trail at Lake Sidney Lanier.  It’s a wonderful place to hike and be one with nature.  No, that does not mean to be naked and be one with nature.  You still have to be fully clothed.  Darn! LOL.  I talk about random things from school to what I want to do with hiking.  Have a listen and I will post pictures from the hike when I can sit down and get them resized to smaller proportions.


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  1. I think you are perfectly normal to be nervous about being in the woods, er, mountains by yourself. I cannot think of a way to get me to go off by myself walking through through the wilds. I like civilization. Not even the opportunity to be naked to get me out there. Of course I have lost whatever maountain man tendencies I may have had when I was young. My love of indoor plumbing has killed it.

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